Monday, June 8, 2015


The thing I find most difficult about blogging is finding balance between all day real and periodic real. How do you write about your kids acting like assholes without everyone thinking they are. How do you complain about being a stay at a home without everyone thinking you're the asshole.

I have a select group of friends that know all the dirt because I have found over the last (almost) 7 years that some friends will then pigeon hole your child into "that kid." The kid that hates balloons, the kid that doesn't eat, the kid that hates transitions, the kid that cries too much, etc.

The truth is ALL our children are "that kid" at some point in their lives. Most children outgrow these quirks, behaviors, age appropriate tantrums. Yes, there are children with real disabilities and I am not discounting that - I only hope to not have my children labeled as something they are not by sharing too much.

E1 is an amazing spirit with the most generous heart. She is smart, funny, and most importantly kind. E1 also experiences self doubt, poor self esteem, anger, frustration, sibling rivalry, and this could all be in one day. Clearly (almost) 7 is closer to teenage years than I realize. Her passion is great in everything she does and her compassion for others is to be envied.

E2 is a joy. Period. There is not a minute in her day that is not experienced with a smile. E2 loves to be loved, enjoys her friends, school, and extra-curricular classes. E2 puts 110% into everything she does. Her work ethic is beyond inspiring. Sure she has meltdowns, sure she has tantrums but they are for a good reason (at least in her mind.)

Please as you read my blog understand that my children are amazing (in my opinion) and any "complaining story" is just a rough, real, moment that passes as quickly as it comes.

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