Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ballet Recitals

Ballet recitals are not for the lazy mom. There is the usual weekly class which is no big deal, but then there is the costume fee, recital fee, pictures, dress rehearsals (more than one), and the actual recital day.  We participated in it ALL for E1. She was 3.5 years old and we did not miss a beat. We (I) were fools. It was unnecessary, stressful, and crazy. The recital, itself, is a great experience but the all mumbo-jumbo leading up to it - insanity.

Three years later, it was E2's turn. We took ballet class all semester. Every Tuesday, E2 danced her ballet with her little friends. We paid for the costume and for the recital fee. We did not pay for pictures, we did not even show up on picture day. We did not go to either dress rehearsal. They were not at convenient times and frankly, I did not even attempt to go. I didn't give a rat's ass about it. E2 is three and half and this is not Julliard.

Today was recital day. E2 was excited, self confident, and proud. I put her hair in a bun, put some make-up on her face (it was requested we did this - heaven forbid the three years olds look washed out on stage), and all four of us drove to the theater where she was performing. E2, without complaints, put on her costume, took some pictures and went back stage.

When it was her turn to take the stage, she walked out with her class, danced (and sang).
E2 DID AN AMAZING JOB.  After the performance, more pictures and more smiles. E2 and our entire family beamed with pride.

Recital day was a success without all the headache beforehand.  I am so happy to have learned how to survive ballet for three year olds.

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