Monday, June 15, 2015

Balloon Bam!

E2 is in occupational therapy (OT). She has motor planning issues which has caused some delays in her fine and gross motor skills. Thank goodness E2 is determined to learn because with the help of a fabulous occupational therapist she has made great strides and is progressing beautifully. OT is really fun (for the most part) for kids.  E2 loves going and today while I was talking with the therapist, E1 started to play on the equipment with E2 and there were tons of laughs.

In an effort to help E2 cross the midline (you can google that to read why children need to have this skill), our OT will assign us homework. Sometimes we draw rainbows, other times we draw circles, today we were asked to hit a ball on a string with a racket of some sort. As the OT and I were discussing my lack of balls on strings, she suggested a balloon and then I asked if we could use a pool noodle vs a racket.

BRILLIANT! Balloon Bam! was formed.

I hung balloons from a streamer with blue painter's tape around my house and cut one pool noodle in half. E2 held the noodle with both hands (a must for crossing the midline) and hit the balloons left, right, up, down, and all around. E1 wanted to have fun as well so the sisters hit the balloons back and forth to one another. Both girls were thrilled to play this game.

I am going to leave these hanging for a few days.....seems like this could entertain them during tomorrow's rain storm.

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