Friday, June 26, 2015


We celebrate all sorts of firsts in this house.

We celebrate the first time sleeping through night (the best first IMO), first time in a bed, first time in underwear, first solid food, first time riding a tricycle, first lost tooth, first time riding a two wheel bike, first time tying shoes...we (I) celebrate everything! I am not sure why, but I tend to make a REALLY big deal out of milestones.

Today I celebrate the day E1 took E2 to the bathroom in the grocery store....just the two of them! E1 has been using restrooms alone, but this was something new. She took her sister!! I was in the check out line, they both had to go and I couldn't take E2. E1 was all too excited to help and take her sister. I checked, double checked, and triple checked that E1 felt secure enough to take herself and her sister to the bathroom.

Off they went.

I checked out of the grocery store in peace. No one asked for a last minute bag of candy, gum, sticker, anything my little mini-me-impulse buyers see....IT WAS FANTASTIC. The bags were loaded back into the cart, I paid, and then my girls came out of the restroom. Perfect timing.

Both of them used the restroom and washed their hands! E1 is so responsible and E2 loves to listen to her sister - two peas in a pod.

Today, we (I) celebrate bathroom independence for both girls! Hallelujah. Now when we are at a restaurant I might eat my meal without getting up from the table multiple times.

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