Sunday, June 28, 2015

CRAZY Traveling Mom

My family is traveling this week. For the next few days I will be all sorts of crazy. I need to pack my kids, myself, and the carry-on luggage.
(I do not pack my husband. He travels frequently for work so he can pack himself. Plus I am not his mother.)

Anyhoo- The carry on luggage - omg, I am CONVINCED this is the MOST important piece of luggage. Our (mine and girls) carry on luggage has every "disaster" scenario remedy packed in it. If we ever lost our carry on luggage I am almost positive I would have a huge breakdown in the middle of the damn airport.

The carry on luggage contains ALL medicine that I think in my crazy head is necessary for traveling with children. It does not matter how many CVS stores are within the vicinity of where I am staying, I will always pack medicine. I pack medicine that I have never ever even given my kids...I mean hell, what if this vacation is the one time they need that random decongestant, cough, all natural, will put you to sleep, I make tantrums go away, medicine?? What if? It could happen. Really.

I pack (get ready) band-aids, Neosporin, Benadryl, Motrin, Tylenol, Cough medicine, Vicks Vapo Rub, Children's Pepto, and Pedia-Lax and of course about 300 Wet Ones. Yes, I pack all of this for EVERY trip. Yes, I am CRAZY.
Side note: I have not needed to use any medicine on any trip- thank goodness!!

When we went on our cruise, my pediatrician gave the girls "just in case" antibiotics because I am convinced foreign countries don't compare. YES, I AM CRAZY. I have admitted this and that is half the battle. My girls did not need the antibiotics, but I felt better just packing them.

The next time items in the carry on luggage are the bed toys. You better not fucking pack bed toys. If your luggage gets lost and your bed toys are lost your kids won't sleep on vacation...they may never sleep again. The morning of the trip bunny, teddy, dog, pillow, Debbie's blanket (E1 named her blanket - is that weird?), unicorn, and the rest of the menagerie get packed/shoved in the carry-on. Please be careful to not let the bed toys OUT of the carry on while flying....the airplane germs could get them and then they would need to be washed upon landing...Have I mentioned I am crazy?

The last items to enter the carry-on are the electronics, toys, and snacks. The sanity items. Flights are LONG. Flights with crying children are REALLY LONG. I have been blessed with two great flyers, honest. Before we take off the girls can color, eat their snacks, look out the window, play with the tray attached to the seat, play I spy, play with the few Barbies (or other small dolls), and/or use the bathroom.  I do not turn on the electronics before we take off because again I am crazy and have a fear the battery, which I made sure 1000x was fully charged, will run out. After we take off, E1 plugs her headphones into the iPad and watches movies and play games. We do not hear one word from her until we land. E2 plugs her headphones in the portable DVD player and watches DVDs. We do not hear from her until we land. BLISSFUL flying.

If you ever see my family boarding your flight, don't worry. My kids are terrific travelers in spite of their crazy mom.