Friday, June 26, 2015

Happy Mom?

E1 is at a level of swimming that allows me to say, "She won't drown." That's about it. She doesn't have the greatest stroke technique or breathing technique, but E1 has no desire to really swim well. She just wants to have fun in the water and not drown. We take swim lessons every summer, but E1 forgets most of what she learns by the time the next summer rolls around.

E2 - she will drown. Period. This is the first summer she will even get in the pool with a floating device.

I am terrified of my kids drowning. Every article I read about drowning being silent gives me anxiety. The articles about dry drowning have me so freaked out I don't even know if I will bathe my kids after I read one of those stories. Terrible.

My mom has been hocking me to get the girls in lessons and I have been rolling my eyes at her for awhile now. E1 was "fine enough" and E2, well that would be a waste of damn money considering she won't even blow bubbles in the water.

Cue more mom nagging....and more and more and more - Then simultaneously my friend found a great swim instructor and he gives lessons at the neighborhood pool by my house or I could use my friend's pool in her backyard. (Yeah, my friend is awesome)

We have had two lessons so far and E1 has remembered her previous skills and is now perfecting side breathing when swimming freestyle and learning the backstroke! Amazing.
E2 actually got off the step sans floating device and went with the instructor in the pool!! E2 is always surprising me. When she is ready, she is ready- If I try to push her into something, forget it. When it is on her terms, she succeeds. E2 is blowing bubbles, learning to float, and learning to kick.

Swim lesson success!

Hey mom, are you happy now?

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