Thursday, June 11, 2015

I am sorry I almost broke your dog

I can't even. I just can't.

This morning E1, E2, and I went swimming at a friend's house. This wasn't just any friend, this was a brand new, we have never met, you graciously invited us over to swim and eat pizza because our daughters are going to be in the same school and E1 is brand new to the school next year and you are helping her meet new people, friend.

E1, meet your new friend. Moms meet. E2 just wants to swim. All's well - kids swimming, getting along, moms discussing the new school, life, etc.

Pizza arrives, E1 and new friend are eating, moms are eating, E2 is eating. Everyone is finished. The big kids get down from the stools to swim again, E2 needs to get down from the stool, but needs help. As I am helping her.....CRASH, BARK, WHINE, CRY, OMG- my kid?!? Nope, she is ok, she held on the stool with her leg while I got her off which caused the stool to come crashing down on a ceramic bowl and the DOG. THE DOG .THE DOG!!!!!!


In case you are wondering, there is not a chapter in Emily Post of how to end a play date after you break someone's dog! I apologize profusely, feel terrible, take my kids and leave - after all, they have to go to the vet because WE BROKE THEIR DOG. I send a text apologizing again. I just cant.


I tell E1 we are going to try and find a way to fix this. Do dogs like flowers? Should I send a cookie bouquet? Let's go home and make cards for the dog? I call my husband....he laughs. He says "only you."

Cell phone buzzes "He is fine! It's no big deal! Nothing is broken."
(The text goes on inviting us again for another play date?!? )

I LOVE THIS NEW MOM AND HER DAUGHTER.  THANK YOU NEW FRIENDS for being understanding about the first time we met and almost broke your dog.

Is it too early to have a glass of wine?