Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ice Ravines

Materials: ice, salt, a bucket, droppers, water with food coloring

I froze water in different containers overnight. I then put them in a big green Tupperware. The girls then mixed the food coloring with the water. After that the girls shook, sprinkled, and poured salt on the ice shapes. Guess what? Salts melts ice.

E1 and E2 then used the droppers to put the colored water on the ice and watch the ravines made by the salt. (Using droppers is also great fine motor practice.) They enjoyed watching the colors run and the activity actually lasted longer than I had expected. Both girls were intrigued for about 30 minutes. E2 would have kept playing, but E1 asked her if she wanted to watch TV with her....is there a child out there that says no to the TV?


  1. Other moms, from teaching, and/or other blogs (which I will link to if it is from there)

  2. I also get ideas from occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and physical therapists. We are pretty lucky to have all these people in our family and/or close circle of friends.