Thursday, June 25, 2015

Keep It Simple

Kids love boxes. When my girls were younger (under age 3) we would glue pom poms, beads, paper, etc to the boxes. Then one day we graduated to painting boxes. Now we create things with the boxes. I have been saving boxes when they are salvageable and storing them in a corner in our study. I have collected an Amazon box, juice box, cereal box, wipes box, etc.

Today after E1's tennis lesson, playing at the park, and swimming at the pool these crazies still had energy BUT were starting to whine....time to pull out the boxes and paint!
The paint containers and brushes are from Lakeshore Learning. The paint is Powdered Tempera Paint that I ordered from Amazon. I like purchasing this type of paint because it lasts forever. You mix the powder and water together and voila, paint. I ordered about 12 powdered paints two years ago and will most likely reorder (for the first time) some colors at the end of summer.

The girls decided to create a rocket ship. This project lasted well over an hour and ended with a shower to wash off all the paint.

The girls loved pretending to fly in their rocket ship. E2 loved it so much she did not want to share. Poor E2, sharing sucks.