Monday, June 29, 2015


The above link has the complete directions for Monoprinting with Kids.

What we used: Pyrex dishes, Tempera paint, Paint brushes, construction paper, Q-tips.
(I had to tweak the project materials because of what was available in my house,)

The girls painted a layer of paint inside the Pyrex dish. They then created a design with the Q-tips. The girls then laid a sheet of construction paper (cut to size) over the paint. You gently push down and smooth out the paper....lift up and you created a monoprint!

This activity was a HUGE success. The girls loved it and were occupied for about an hour. The clean up was not too bad. The paint washes right off the glass Pyrex dish.

** E1 and I discussed mirror images and how once transferred the design was reversed. She had fun writing her name backwards and then printing it.

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