Sunday, June 21, 2015

Silence Is Golden

Let's go to the movies. The hubs and I decided for date night to have a quick dinner and see Jurassic World in 3D at 9 pm.

As the previews are rolling, the theater fills up with numerous children. I understand fully that my children having a bedtime during summer is not the norm. I understand and appreciate that parents enjoy taking their family to the movies. (We took the girls to Inside Out - we all enjoyed it.)

If you and your children enjoy seeing the movies together at 9 pm, please make sure they can be quiet. I expect children talking during kid movies or movie showings during the day. I do NOT expect the ridiculousness we experienced on a Saturday night at 9 pm.

The toddlers were crying, the young kids were afraid, the babies were screaming, and the hubs and I personal favorite: the three different iPads glowing in the theater showing Elmo and/or Dora.

If your kid cannot be quiet at 9 pm in a PG-13 movie - KEEP THEM HOME.

I do not care if you take your three year old kid to Jurassic World.
I do not care if your kids are up til almost midnight.
I do not care about any parenting decision you make because these are your kids and not mine.

But, I DO CARE when you bringing your kids to the movie ruins it for so many people that there was a line at guest services afterward complaining. Yes, A LINE OF PEOPLE COMPLAINING.

Date night with the dinosaurs in 3D was annoying but not because of the movie. It was annoying because of the asshole parents that brought their children, too young to behave, to the movies.

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