Sunday, June 28, 2015


My girls love to make different types of foods and smoothies are no exception. We throw in all types of fruit, milk, ice, and sugar. Sometimes we will substitute apple juice for the sugar. Ever since I was gifted my awesome Ninja blender smoothie making is even more awesome. Those commercials did not lie. The ninja blender is UH-MA-ZING.

I always make too much - it is an issue with all foods. If I host a family dinner we have leftovers until the dawn of time, a birthday party gives us extra food for a few months, like I said - I have issues.

Too much smoothie equals popsicles and bite size treats. These are extremely helpful when E2 has decided she "doesn't like the smoothie anymore."  For some reason, E2 will eat the frozen version of the smoothie more often than the drink version. E1 drinks and eats it all.

(My Amazing Ninja)

 (Silicon Ice Trays work best)

(You can use a paper cup and craft stick if you do not have popsicle containers)