Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Band-Aid Phase

Band-Aids, welcome back!  I have missed you - NOT.

I remember this phase with E1 and being so aggravated each time she wanted a damn band-aid for no reason. No blood, no band-aid. I do not remember how many times she cried for a band-aid before I caved and let the phase just run its course.

The band-aids have come back with a vengeance. Perhaps I did not give them out enough a few years ago because E2 needs at least 3 per day....at least.

I have a boo boo on my foot, I need a band-aid.
Sissy is at cheer and I am having a meltdown because I want to go to and I need a band-aid
My eye hurts, I need a band-aid....on my arm
My tummy hurts, I need a band-aid....on my leg
My nail polish came off, I need a band-aid
I went swimming, I need a band-aid
It is time for bed, I need a band-aid
I don't want to eat my green beans, my teeth hurt, I need a band-aid
My doll needs a band-aid
Apollo needs a band-aid
The stroller needs a band-aid
The tricycle needs a band-aid
My juice spilled on my shirt, I need a band-aid
More boo boos, more band-aids
I am bleeding, I am screaming, I am actually hurt.....NO NO NO band-aid.

We should have stock in Band-Aid

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