Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Beware of Swimming

Beware of leads to crying.

I am fully aware this too shall pass, but damn swimming days suck. My girls love the pool this summer, but between the physical act of kicking and moving their arms plus the heat - they are wiped after two hours.

Today we went with friends to a pool with two big water slides, diving boards, and Noah's ark complete with spraying animals and little slides for smaller children. We were there for a little under three hours and we took 2 "eating breaks" during this time.

When it was time to leave, E1 almost cried because I said the next eating break was happening in the car vs happening at the pool, E2 cried because E1 went to the bathroom. The damn bathroom. At this point the friend's child was crying too so we were those people. Swimming is officially over for today.

On the drive home E1 cried because the DVD playing was too babyish. E2 cried for chips. Seriously girls, fall the fuck to sleep. Nope. They stayed awake for the 35 minute drive home taking turns whining while I practiced Lamaze breathing which I know nothing about because they are adopted. Breathe in, breath out.

We get home and E2 cried because E1 got out of the car first. E1 cried because E2 got a different snack. E1 then cried because the game she was playing on the laptop opened a new window. E2 cried because the palace pet she was designing on the iPad got messed up. E1 is crying because the laptop battery died. Fuck both of you, tech time is over.

E1 is now crying because she did not get enough tech time and E2 is in a bubble bath screaming for me to fix her nail polish while she is in the tub.


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