Monday, July 6, 2015

Code Brown

Does your kid poop in public?

E1 has NO issues. E2 is a poop disaster. That kid is loaded up on fiber daily, drinks more juice than I care to admit and she still can clench her ass with the strength of heavy weight championship.

Traveling is an issue for E2 because of the poop. This kid doesn't shit at school, you think she will shit at the airport, on a plane, or anywhere else? HELL NO.

Much to my surprise, E2 pooped shortly after arriving to my aunt's house in Florida. I thought to myself, "What a difference a year makes! Hallelujah, she will poop this week."

Fast forward four days poop.

Today we went out to lunch and I took E2 to the bathroom 4x in one hour. Literally. "Mommy, I have to go potty. I'll push it out, Promise." FOUR TIMES we danced this dance.

After lunch we went home to my aunt's house and successfully completed a code brown.

Here's to hoping she poops in we are headed there tomorrow.

During parenthood, shit happens. Or in this case, shit does not happen.

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