Friday, July 10, 2015

Disney Part Two

More unsolicited advice -

Please do not find all the healthy options at Disney because you are on Weight Watchers, My Fitness Pal, Jenny Craig, 21 Day fix, or whatever other damn health app is on your phone. Enjoy the Mickey ice cream with your kid. Enjoy it melting all over your hands, enjoy getting sticky, and enjoy watching your kid be shocked at how well you can eat ice cream.

Ponchos - bring them. It rains. Also bring a change of clothes for young kids and some flip flops/crocs/etc for you and the kids to put on during the rain. The ponchos will keep your clothes dry, but wet socks and sneakers SUCKS.

Make sure your stroller has a rain guard or pack some garbage bag type thing to cover your stroller when it rains. It will rain. It will.

Download the Disney app so you can see how long lines are, change your fast passes, etc

Download the Accuweather app - it gives minute by minute weather updates. You can switch your rides, fast passes, etc to avoid the rain.  My family knew a storm was brewing so we headed to Tomorrowland (it has the most covered areas). We saw the Monsters Inc show, rode Buzz Light Year, and watched Carousel of Progress - poof! rain storm was over.

To go cups at Disney are paper. This is fine until they get smooshed into cup holders in, spill anyone? Tantrum anyone? Sticky Sprite, Root Beer, Lemonade all over your stroller and kid anyone? No thanks! We pour the leftover drinks into the Take & Toss cups.

Bring your kids' bed toys, sound machine, whatever else helps them sleep. They will need it when they are over tired and over stimulated.  My girls share a room when we travel and E2 gets VERY excited and E1 gets VERY annoyed with E2's excitement. All our bed time tricks help to smooth the transition for night one. By night two, they both pass out in 3 seconds, literally.

Our favorite character meals: Cinderella's Royal Table for dinner, Princess Breakfast in Epcot, Lunch at Tusker House (Mickey, etc) in Animal Kingdom, Dinner at Crystal Palace (Winnie the Pooh) in Magic Kingdom, Hollywood & Vine (Doc McStuffins, Jake, Sofia,) in Hollywood Studios, and Be Our guest for Dinner (the Beast makes an appearance only at dinner) in Magic Kingdom.
The breakfast at the Beach Club is ok. I don't think it is as great at the ones listed above.


And one last thing - please don't bring your kid in the souvenir shop and then say no to everything which causes them to have an epic tantrum and then you yell at them for being a spoiled brat....WHY did you come into the store???? Geez, people. It was 10 am - I had not had enough coffee to see that shit.

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