Thursday, July 9, 2015


We have now been to Walt Disney World twice. We went in September 2015 (the girls had just turned 6 and 3) and we are about to complete this vacation tomorrow (July 2015) - the girls are weeks away from 7 and 4. YES, we went twice in a year. My husband loves WDW and wanted to come back plus we were already in Florida visiting family, so why not.

Our first experience was a week long. We went to Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. The second trip we went to Magic Kingdom for two and a half days.

If you are ready to spend money and have a great time here is some unsolicited advice-

WDW is expensive as all hell. Know it, Get over it. Move on. Spend the money or stay the fuck home,.

It is hot. It is in Florida, do you expect it to be cold? It is hot.

September is a FANTASTIC time to go. Pull the kids from school and go - they are only little once. Is 3rd grade really that hard? Do the damn school work on the plane ride there - live a little.

Summer time is crowded and hot. Don't care? Go - You'll have fun. We did.

Summer lines are long. FAST PASS. Don't know what that is? Find out BEFORE you get to WDW. Fast passes will change your entire trip experience.

Parent swap is AWESOME. Want to ride a ride your kid is too small for? No problem! Parent Swap.

Family rule: If you are tall enough, you ride. You must ride what you can at least once. No exceptions to this rule. None. My children are fine, no one is scarred for life. No one cried hysterically. E1 loves them all except Space Mountain and E2 does not like certain ones.

Kids and parents need to eat and drink all day - it is hot and you are walking everywhere - keep up your energy!

Stay on property if you can - Disney transportation makes things simple

Kids are assholes at Disney. They are hot, tired, whiny, cranky, over stimulated, exhausted.

Kids are AMAZING at Disney. They are smiling, laughing, running, enjoying everything they see, cannot get enough of the magic, awesome time.

If your child naps, they will need a nap. Don't expect them to go 12 hours in a park without a nap.

Whatever issue your child has at home, that issue comes to Disney.

Please do not slap your kid at Disney. You'll look like an asshole if you do.

Please do not walk your kids into the ice cream parlor and make them get an apple. You'll look like an asshole if you do,

Character meals are great. Book them.

If your child is newly potty trained or you are a germaphobe, bring the petite potette. You'll thank me later. My kid may or may not have used this while waiting in line for Its A Small World and The Magic Carpet Rides....

Have groceries delivered to your hotel. Water, Go Go Packs, Sliced apples, whatever the hell your kids eat. We used this company and it was easy.
Don't over buy, but snacks are expensive in the park and this will save you some cash.

Don't over spend on hotel - you only sleep there.

All the parks are amazing - see them all, do it all, do it one trip, two trips, however many trips you want, but do it. Your kids will love it and you will love seeing your kids this happy.

Bring a stroller or rent one. E1 will be 7 in a few weeks and she sat this week in the stroller. Trip one, we brought ours from home. This trip we rented one

Bring hand sanitizer and use it....I seriously saw a kid in the park with a rash. I doubt it was measles. I am sure it was heat rash but still. Clean your hands all the time!! And if your kid sucks their thumb during the day, break this habit before you come - these children touch everything!!! I am not sure how many wipes we used, but we are all healthy and there were some snotty ass people walking around.


Bring Disney Magic with you - while my girls sleep, I leave a necklace, pen, pencil bag, markers, coloring book, and/or toy from the dollar store that is Disney related on their bed. Every morning they wake up and believe Tinkerbell left them a "Disney Magic" present.  It saves us from buying souvenirs daily and the girls think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Disney Magic also shows up after the sun has set....(The Dollar Store sells glow sticks too!)

Don't try to be stylish. It is hot. Shorts, t-shirts, sneakers.

Ride all the rides

ENJOY your kids

There's no schedule at Disney


****When I think of more things I will write another entry.

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