Thursday, July 23, 2015

Best Mom

I would like to introduce myself. I am the best mom. I have heard it from friends, family members, and of course read it on comments on Facebook. I am great. No one else compares - Except for all moms are the best (or can be).

I am the best mom when I roll my eyes at the story my 6 year old is telling me.
I am the best mom when I yell at my kids to hurry up and put their shoes on.
I am the best mom when I get frustrated at the marker on the wall.
I am the best mom when I throw away toys because they were left on the floor.
I am the best mom when I refuse to read books to my children at night because they are on my last nerves and all I want is peace and quiet.
I am the best mom when I am aggravated with the emotional roller coaster of the soon to be 4 year old.
I am the best mom when I delete their annoying shows and then pretend I do not know what happened.
I am the best mom when I force my kids to go outside and play and then refuse to go with them.

I get frustrated and annoyed on an almost daily basis. It is par for the course. I am not "the best mom." I am just mom. Greatness is perceived because I enjoy my time with my girls.

Between their eye rolling, their bad habits, their tantrums, and all the other pull-your-hair-out moments, HAVE FUN with your children and you too, can be the best mom ever.

Today's best mom moment was brought to you by our slip n slide:

Photo credit: E1

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