Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Power Outage

Holy shit, I need power. I just do. I do not wear a bonnet and live in a little house on the prairie.

I am not some person that was meant to live without power. Not only do I need light, the oven, and the refrigerator, but I need air conditioning. I NEED air conditioning and so do my girls.

After a frustrating afternoon with the girls, I was looking forward to the sitter coming and heading out with my husband for a work dinner.

Power out , 4:45pm. Crap. I get E2 out of the bath and put E1 in the shower in our bathroom as it has natural light. Crap. I take the chicken out of the oven. Shit. What's for dinner before the sitter gets here? Hot dogs. I can cook hot dogs on the stove top (thank the lord for gas stove tops).
And yes, I know hot dogs are filled with nitrates (whatever those are) and a choking hazard....shut up, I don't care.

Dinner served, sitter here, girls playing. 6pm, no power. 6:30 - no power. E2 wants me to put her to sleep so I do (she is exhausted from swimming earlier). I leave and must admit crank the car AC so low and relish in the fact that I am now freezing.  The electric company says the power will come back on by 7 pm. No biggie, the sitter can handle 30 more minutes.

I arrive at the restaurant and while we are dining, the sitter called. E2 woke up hot and is now missing me. She is in bed but crying for me oh and by the way it is 8:30 pm and there is still no power. My mom anxiety, guilt, emotions run through my head and I excuse myself from dinner. I cannot stay. I cannot. My baby is upset, there is no damn power, the house is hot as hell, and I am just pissed. The electric company now estimates power at 9:45 pm.

I arrive home at 9 to find E2 sitting by flashlight playing on the iPad. This confuses me a little because there are a gazillion candles I left out just in case they needed light and the glow from the iPad is enough to light up the whole fucking house. E1 is fast asleep in her room sweating like a whore in church. (Side note: that is my favorite saying to describe someone profusely sweating)

I light all our candles - so romantic. I take E2 back upstairs - HOLY FUCK it is hot up there. I lay her back down, say our nightly prayer again, and I walk out of her room. I still leave the door open to try and help the stale air circulate.  People say it helps??? Whatever.

For a scheduled mama with scheduled kids this is just not how we roll.

I text the hubs and tell him things are ok. Cue E2. She is out of her room, walking down the stairs. She is hot, she is awake. WIDE awake. We discuss WDW, we count candles, we take selfies, we make silly faces, we discuss that E1 is sleeping and daddy is out.  I then take her back upstairs.

My husband arrives home. E2 is quiet. Electric company now estimates 11:01 pm. Oh hi E2 (again.) I give up. Screw it. I cannot sleep in this damn heat either. My husband gets The Little Mermaid to play on his tablet and E2 starts watching. Somewhere between King Titan's tirade over humans and Ariel wanting to be part of our world, I fall asleep.

I wake up and bring E2 upstairs. That lasts 5 minutes. I now make a bed downstairs in the family room for her. The electric company now says 2:45 am. E2 lays down and at some point falls asleep. Sometime after midnight, every fan in the house clicks on, the clocks start flashing. HALLELUJAH!! POWER. I reset the AC units, reset the clocks and oh yes, turn off the oven....remember, my chicken?

I bring E2 back upstairs.

1:30, 2:45, and 7 are all the times I woke up to E2 calling for me.

Today, the power is on and the sun is shining and I am tired. Cool, but tired.
Cheers to a new day.....with power!

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