Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Screen Free Day

Nobody watched television or played on the computer all day today. From wake up to bed time, no screens. In all honesty, E1 is grounded from screens until Thursday and in an effort to not rub it in her face, I tried not bringing up the TV to E2. (I would have let E2 watch if she asked)

While we drove in the car today we listened to music and sang along to our favorite Disney songs vs the girls watching a movie. When we were home today the girls played together nicely upstairs (for the most part), played together outside, did some arts & crafts, chased the dog around the house, did some school work, and played again.

I did not realize we had not turned on the TV until around 3 pm when E2 started whining. I was about to offer her a show when I stopped. I realized how many times I turn on the TV to just make both of them stop whining. Yes, kids need down time and the TV/iPad/computer is not the devil, but I abuse it as much as they do. I used to only turn on the TV while cooking dinner. Now I use the TV if I want to talk on the phone, cook dinner, fold laundry, have a sane moment, etc. I created the TV monster. Damn it. Parenting fail.

When the girls were younger I had a much stricter screen schedule and I am now going back to it. Today was great! Sure they got on my nerves, but instead of turning on the television or iPad, I put my parenting skills to work. Without screen time today, I still talked on the phone to a few friends, cooked dinner (which they ate), emptied the dishwasher, and put away clothes. I am literally stunned at today.

Yes, E2 whined for juice. Yes, E1 interrupted me 100x, but we dealt with it, together.

Doc, Sofia, Jake, Liv & Maddie, and all the other fake people in our lives never entered our day and it was glorious. I am not shutting off screens forever, but I am going to reevaluate. If today happened, it can happen again.

I am committing to less screen time in general and hoping one day in the near future we will choose one day a week with no screens at all.

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