Monday, August 17, 2015

Blame It On Dr. B

I blame a shit ton on our pediatrician. Any random rule...Dr. B's fault. I do not do this because my children do not listen. I do this because they LOVE Dr. B and if he says it, well hell, it must be true. After all, he is a DOCTOR and I am just a mom.

Everyone must use the bathroom before we leave or you will get sick and Dr. B will have to give you a shot.

If you do not poop, you will have to see Dr. B and get a shot.

That show is not appropriate. Dr. B sent me an email saying you could not watch it.

Dr. B says you may only have one pantry snack a day.

Dr. B says you must eat a fruit and a veggie at every meal unless you're on vacation.

You have to play outside every day even it is hot. Dr. B said so.

Everyone your age can ride a bike without training wheels. It is part of the check list at Dr. B's visit. Let's go learn.

Dr. B says no soda until your are 5 and then you can only have sprite and root beer.

Dr. B says caffeine is really bad for you.

No gum until you are 5 - Dr. B said so.

You can only have one juice box a day and then water or milk - Dr. B told me I gave you too much juice at our last visit.

Dr. B said to use this monster spray and then the monsters will no longer be in our house.

Dr. B says you need to sleep X amount of hours.

Dr. B said you cannot play on the computer or iPad that much.

You can only buy lunch once, maybe twice a week - Dr. B said my lunches are better.

The best part of all this is when we see Dr. B for our annual check ups or a sick visit, E1 will say to him things such as, "I have been following your iPad rule" or "I have not been drinking that much juice" and he will respond with, "Oh really? Please tell me what you have been doing so I can make sure you understand my rule."

Dr. B always backs up his rules he knows nothing about. IT IS GREAT. I love having a partnership with our pediatrician. It is nice and calming to know he really knows my kids and really knows me and all my crazy. My girls feel safe with him and know he cares about them and their health. They trust him completely. I trust him completely.

We love Dr. B and I especially love all his rules. Pretty sure at this very moment, he is making up some new ones.

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