Friday, August 14, 2015


Dinner time....always a win for for E1. She willingly tries new foods, eats what is served, rarely argues for different food.

Dinner time....always a guess for E2. She does not like to try new foods, sometimes eats what is served, often argues for different food.

Tonight was one of my "quick dinners" - easy to make - lazy to make. Fish sticks and broccoli.

E1 ate and patiently waited for E2. E2 got up and down from her chair, went to time out, tried to ride her bike, ate one bite, got down from her chair, went to time out, tried to ride her bike, ate a second bite, and then the cycle continued. About three seconds before my patience was going to explode, E2 declared she was not hungry and was all done. FINE. I knew it was bull shit and did not care. You are not hungry? FINE. DON'T EAT.

Off the two girls went to play outside and they had a fun time while I cleaned up dinner.
(Yes, I know they should help clean but when I am frustrated I would rather have alone time with dishes then deal with children.)

Bath time came and went, bed time routine of books and prayers were finished, lights out.

"Mommy." Crap. I seriously hate hearing my name after lights out. It is like nails on a chalk board. I thought the day was finished. I shush E2 through the monitor - that's right, I can talk to her through the monitor. The mommy calls continue....ugh. Up the stairs I go, walk in E2's room and ask her what's wrong.

"I am hungry. I want dinner." SHOCKING. You're hungry?? Never in a million years would I have guessed you'd be fucking hungry. Too bad she is just four and I cannot use foul language or sarcasm. My actual response
"I gave you dinner. You chose not to eat it. You will be hungry for breakfast. I love you. Good night."

TEARS!!!!!! Like I am chopping off her arm "BUT I AM HUNGRY."

Again, I repeat myself and again she cries.

I close the door, head downstairs, and then through the monitor I hear "Mommy said no dinner. I am hungry."

Yep. My kid went to bed hungry and without dinner. Guess what? She is sleeping soundly, she is totally fine, and she will hopefully never do that again and if she does, she will be hungry again.

I am not a short order cook. I will not negotiate with children. Don't fuck with me. I am mom.


  1. Oh thank goodness! I've been wanting to do this if I need to with my kids and it's just so nice to see I won't be alone. My son almost joined E2 but I think he ate a couple more bites because he didn't complain later. Karina