Monday, August 17, 2015

Little Live Pet

E1 and E2's Bubbe sent them money for their birthdays. When this happens, I let the girls choose whatever they want within the amount of money sent.

This year, E2 chose a stroller and E1 chose a Little Live Pet. Beauty Bella, to be exact.

I FUCKING HATE THIS TOY.  I might throw it away. I might light a match, set it on fire, and dance a happy dance while it melts into a tiny glop of dead bird. FUCK. This toy SUCKS.

E1 LOVES this toy. She will not put it down. She will not it put it down. OH MY G-D PUT IT DOWN, PLEASE!!

Beauty Bella records your voice, E1's voice, E2's voice, my voice, the hubs voice, the dog's voice, the radio, the television....with a tiny push of a button, E1 can record and then the GLORIOUS bird repeats back whatever it heard.


The bird has repeated back a radio song. The bird has repeated back E2's tantrum - did I need a replay? The bird has repeated my phone conversation. The bird has repeated the dog breathing. The bird has repeated a TV show theme song. The bird has repeated E1 about a million times. The bird also repeatedly tells E2 "no" when E1 gets tired. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Beauty Bella is a BITCH.

This damn bird goes EVERYWHERE.

I think I am going to order E2 a little live pet, cat edition and let it eat that damn bird.


May the batteries run out before my patience.

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