Monday, August 3, 2015

Mondays suck

Mondays suck. They just do. Not always, but today SUCKED the big one.

Yesterday my car did not start - we will not discuss my frustration, my husband's frustration with me, and my two whiny sweaty children. It all worked out, but I cannot handle car problems (or traffic or delayed flights). They are my weakness.

This morning I took my car and children to the dealership to be looked at (it is 2 months old and under warranty). I waited in line, told the man what happened and he directed me to a different line. The girls and I got out of the car and waited for my friend to pick us up. (Yes, a very nice friend.) While waiting E1 asked for a snack out of the vending machine - answer, no. We just had breakfast. Cue the stink face. This is something new this summer and it has its own name - stink face. It is the face a child wears when they want to say "Why are you such a fucking bitch?"

My friend is around the corner to get us when maintenance is finished. Apparently 2 hours means 20 minutes. Maintenance tells me my battery is fine. Um thanks. Why didn't my car start yesterday? Ah, this question has now baffled maintenance. I should not have been in his line. His line is for batteries. I calmly, firmly, explain that I was told to get in his line. Well, I was told wrong. At this point, my blood is boiling and I want to scream "Are you all fucking incompetent?" but I take a cue from E1 and give him the stink face.

Here comes Mr. Maintenance Manager. They will put my car in the correct line and it will be seen in two hours. Not ready in two hours, but will first get looked at in two hours. UGH. My friend drops us at an outdoor shopping center where we school shop and meet my mom for lunch. My mom is on hold with the dealership for me because my cell battery is dying. (Today fucking sucks) 20 min later, maintenance answers.

While talking to maintenance to try and see what they figured out about my car, my husband calls to tell me what is wrong with the car...HUH?? Oh maintenance, you called the wrong number. My car needs to stay the night. WHAT?!? WHY?!? The hubs doesn't know and it seems the louder I scream at him it still does not produce the answer....told you, I am NOT good with car issues.

My friend comes to collect us again and drive us to the hubs who is meeting us at a rental car place. Why? Oh because I "need" a car and so does my husband and my using his car while he is going out of town (tomorrow) somehow warranted a rental car for the day? Whatever. I don't give a rats ass. I am pissed off, confused, hot, and still don't know what the fuck is wrong with my car because they called my husband and he doesn't know what's wrong - he just knows we "need" another car.

I get in my husband's car, drive 10 minutes and my phone rings. Maintenance felt badly about stranding the mother and children and looked at my car - there's nothing wrong it - EXCEPT THAT IT DIDN'T START YESTERDAY! Car is ready for pick up.

I am literally laughing while talking to my husband who is now on the way back to work in a rental car because I am in his car. Seriously, is this happening? This is what happens when two people who have no patience for this shit make rash decisions. We know. We own it. We are perfect for each other.

Tonight my car is in my garage and so is my husband's. He is no longer leaving town tomorrow and we have a direct number for maintenance's preferred towing company, but they doubt it will happen again.

By the way, maintenance did want to know if I had left my car outside in the heat for an extended period of time. It is summer. What do you think?

When you see my kids and I stranded on the road, don't worry - it is not us because we doubt this will happen again and I have a preferred tow company's number and I am sure they will be right there to rescue us.