Saturday, August 22, 2015


Regifting. We all do it. If you say you don't, you are lying. We all have a space in our home that houses the presents that had no receipt and the usual Target and Wal-Mart did not carry them so you could not return for a store credit. Maybe the present is from Amazon or a specialty learning store. I don't really care, it is a regift.

I have regifted. I have. I believe there is a statute of limitations on this practice.  Arts & Crafts, which include all supplies such as sticky paper and/or glue goes bad. It does. How do I know? The girls just tried to complete a project from one of their birthday presents and could not finish it.  The glue and sticky paper were all dried up. Yes, we have regular glue that we used, but that is not the point.

If it has been a year since you received the present, throw it away or let your kid play with it. Nobody wants a present that does not work. Glue dries up, batteries go dead, buttons stop working, matchbox cars' wheels stop moving, etc. Regifting a present that does not work is worse than no present at all.

I understand the practice of regifting. Your child receives something they already have or something they do not want, but most likely a friend will enjoy the present and it was not why not? I agree with you. Regift away.

1. If you regift, make sure the present has not "gone bad."
2. If you regift, make sure that if the recipient's parent actually figures out where to return the present, you are not embarrassed that it is now $2.97 and on clearance from four years ago.
3. If you regift, make sure the recipient will really like it. Regifting a regift sucks.
4. Don't regift just to get rid of it. (See above)

For now, the girls are going back to their arts & crafts project using the supplies we owned because in their words, "This present is broken."

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