Monday, August 3, 2015


With the school year approaching, back to school shopping has begun. The girls have new shoes, E1 has a new backpack, both have new lunchboxes, and E1 is presently collecting a new wardrobe. She had a uniform last year and her school wardrobe is lacking.

People are judged based on how they look. That is reality. You can never make a first impression twice. Even in first grade, children will notice what others wear. Last year in kindergarten, my daughter only wore the red uniform shirt because that is what all the girls wore. The white ones were unacceptable and on the mornings the red ones were dirty, I received the stink face for making her go to school in the dreaded clean white shirt. I am a terrible mother.

Luckily for me, E1's taste is overall acceptable. I am not a fan of animal print on children, but my daughter and society is overruling this opinion of mine. It is EVERYWHERE. So, I've caved and bought two animal print dresses. I am hoping to avoid buying more.  She has also chosen stripes, butterfly prints, floral prints, and solid dresses. There are a few skirts/skorts thrown in the mix and some solid shirts. I think for the most part we are finished buying clothes.

E1 is very excited about her new school clothes. I just hope whatever she chose is "cool enough" and she doesn't come home requesting something different. I know peer pressure and fitting in is a part of growing up and all children must learn to navigate this part of their lives, but I feel like just yesterday she was spitting up on her 4th onesie of the day. Time is flying by and I wish it would slow down. Today's animal print dress will be tomorrow's iPhone and I am not ready.

I am grateful that this year's back to school shopping was pretty painless. I am afraid what it will look like in Jr. High. (Give me strength!)

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