Saturday, October 24, 2015

When It Rains It Pours

Thursday morning started early....around midnight to be exact. E2 was awake off and on crying hysterically until 4 am. No rhyme, no reason. Up and down the stairs I went tending to her cries because not going up there is the kiss of death. She has never responded well to "cry it out." NEVER. And she hates the hubs after she has fallen asleep - it is the most bizarre thing I have seen.

E1 left for school, E2 woke up snotty - guess there was a reason for her waking up. She was getting sick. Thursday was snot filled and the day ended with a low grade fever.

Friday was snottier, the hubs left town for work, E1 was at school and E2 and I hung out with tissues and Sudafed. Friday afternoon, E1 had a wonderful play date with friends and the day ended with her exhausted and E2 sleeping beautifully with the help of Motrin and Benadryl. Yes, I administer drugs.

Saturday morning began bright and early at 3:30 am with E1 standing at my bed saying she puked and she was going to puke again. DO I LOOK LIKE THE TOILET??? WTF?!? Pukes again. On the tile floor. Good times.  She goes back to bed, pukes again at 5:30 in her own toilet in her own bathroom. She wakes at 8:30 am to find E2 happy, less snotty, watching TV. I give her some water and a cracker. One sip. One nibble, PUKE.

E1 gets quarantined to her room. She has a portable DVD player for movies and the iPad for games, but she went to sleep. No food, no water, she feels terrible, she is sleeping. I should mention that I am prepping for a major power outage and possible flooding due to heavy rain coming our way.

By the afternoon, E1 has slept on and off and watched a movie while E2 and I played games, watched TV, ate, chased the dog around the house - he needs exercise and it is raining outside. Whatever works.

4 pm, E1 has 102 fever. Damn it. Quarantine some more, gave her some soup, and turned on a movie for her.

7 pm, lights out for snot face - she only needed Benadryl tonight and E1 is back to sleep with no more puking. Whew! Made it through the day.

8:30 pm - it is raining a lot now, the media has made me crazy. I still  have power, but the worst is yet to come....Dog has to pee. Damn dog. I let him out back and why hello there, TWO baby snakes. SLAM door. Shit, did the kids wake up? No. Grab some poison, wasp spray to be exact and proceed to spray the shit out of these two snakes. Can empty. Snakes dead. Dog is now back inside.

I am now watching the media frenzy in regards to the rain, still a possible flood, still possible power outages, and have a bottle of Drano to pour on any snake the next time the dog decides he has to take a leak.

This is the glory of parenting.

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