Friday, March 18, 2016

Add It To The List


We use babysitters for date night, date day, or if I need to go somewhere when my husband is out of town. If we use a new sitter I have them come about an hour before we leave to see the interaction with the girls and to basically eavesdrop while I get ready without interruptions. Once the sitter/child relationship has been established, we are walking out the door as soon as she arrives.

As parents, we have encountered some interesting babysitters and have added "rules" to our list after a "lesson learned."  While I understand our sitters are teenagers or in their early 20s, charging $10/hour makes me think some of these rules should not be necessary. At $10/hour, common sense should be a requirement.

1. Bedtime is at X time. Please do not keep my girls awake past this time. You are not here tomorrow to deal with that decision.

2. Please do not tell my girls not tell their parents something. We do not keep secrets and your words are more powerful than you can comprehend.

3. They may eat ____ for dessert. Please do not feed them something else. You are not here for the gas, diarrhea, and vomit that occurred from your decision.

4. Do not let my girls rummage through my make-up and perfume. 
(See blog post: The Clown and The Hooker)

5. If you play outside, you must stay with them. 

6. Please make sure you have not locked the dog in a bedroom.

7. Please do not let my girls use the hot glue gun. 

8. Your teenage pregnancy is not a topic for discussion with my girls. (Especially since I did not know because you were not showing)

9. My girls do not "need" to watch a movie. They are awake for a limited time while you are here so screen time is not necessary.

10. Please do not let my kids play on your phone.

11. Please do not take pictures of my girls.

12. Please do not let my girls get on the internet on your phone.

13. Please do not put pictures of my girls on snap chat.

14. Just stay away from all technology.

15. Do not toss the pull up aside and trust the baby that she won't have an accident. She will. She did. 

16. Please PLAY.

17. Please LAUGH.

18. Please SMILE.

19. Please have FUN.

20. Keep them safe.

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