Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash is NOT a replacement for pasta. It is NOT.
It doesn't matter what recipe I use, I KNOW it is squash. I LOVE PASTA and if I wanted a fucking veggie with my pasta, I would make pasta primavera. You taste bud hating people must love being skinny more than I do because I am finished with this vegetable as a pasta substitute.

I will make this squash as a side dish, but nothing else.

That goes for zoodles as well.

What the fuck.


When did carbs become the devil? I am not a sufferer of Celiac (thank goodness) so why do I have to give them up? When did healthy mean no carbs? I thought healthy was a well balanced meal and exercising.

I am not a nutritionist and lord knows you should not use my word as the gospel, but if I have to keep going down a road of vegetables replacing my pasta and going without, I am turning around and headed straight for the red dye 40 and the carbs.

My kids eat well balanced meals, they are not overweight, they do not use food as an emotional crutch, and they do not define themselves or anyone else by how they look. My kids seem pretty awesome now that I've typed that out.  You know what is not awesome? Spaghetti squash for pasta.

Maybe I am doing it wrong. Maybe my kids, husband, and I will one day see the error of our ways. For now, I take comfort in the fact that my kids don't gorge themselves at someone else's house because they have better food.

As for myself, I am going to eat the bread, the pasta, and all the other bad for you food AND I am going to eat vegetables and fruit and all the other good for you food. It is called BALANCE.

Rant over.

It is dinner time here: BBQ/Honey chicken, broccoli, and fruit for dessert. Oh yeah, and some garlic bread for E1 - she loves Texas Toast.

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