Tuesday, April 26, 2016

For F*ck's Sake

Let me start by saying I am WELL AWARE my children go to bed earlier than most. I do not need anyone telling me this. I KNOW. My kids need sleep to function. Period.

E2 is on spring break this week. E1 is not. Super annoying, but not the main focus of this post - more of a side note if you will.

Today, E2 had a manicure (yes, she spoiled), a play date with a friend, rode her bike in this Texas heat and humidity, had another play date at a park and then went out to dinner! FULL FUCKING DAY.

E1 had school, the afternoon play date at the park, and then out to dinner.

After our fun dinner with friends and by fun I mean I had to basically tell E1 what she could eat because it is Passover and if she damn well argued with me, I'd turn this car around....shit, I have become my mother.

We get home, do bath time, books, and prayers. Of course E1 falls asleep immediately. She is a super sleeper. It is truly amazing. It is her very own super power, for real.

E2 sings, talks, rolls around, etc before she falls asleep.
Tonight was a whole new ball game that ended with me shaking the Melatonin bottle so hard it spattered all over the counter and floor for which I made my husband clean up so I could go drug our asshole four year old.

This kid spent TWO HOURS coming in and out of her room, talking to shadows, singing the Passover songs, begging for me, begging for her daddy, going to the bathroom 4x, getting books, trying to put on jewelry which I still cannot figure out where the hell she found it, asking if it was morning, asking what animals we would see at the zoo......OH MY G-D! For a child with speech delays she sure has a shit ton to say when it is time to sleep.

I went up and down those damn stairs so many times, I actually logged into My Fitness Pal to see how many fucking calories I burned. (none)

All I wanted was to watch Blindspot which makes no sense to me because following tattoos is just a ridiculous story line and to watch RHOBH because they are about to throw down at the reunion!

Clearly E2 had other plans for my evening.

She is now asleep after her Melatonin cocktail and after I literally took every damn stuffed animal out of her bed- except for bunny. I might swear like a sailor and get aggravated like a teenager starting her period, but taking her bunny - well, that's just cruel and unusual punishment.

Nighty night E2 - It is TV time.

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