Thursday, April 21, 2016

To The Mom That Prayed With My Daughter

I saw you after the performance this evening. You did not realize all this time that E1 was my daughter. "She is yours?" is a typical question when you are green eyed and blonde and your daughter is Hispanic. I responded, "Yes, she is mine."

I had seen you earlier this week volunteering at school, working so lovingly on all the costumes for the first grade play. A play that is basically a Broadway show to those involved. It is a huge event and the students know it.

This big deal of a play was an even bigger deal to E1 as she had a song to sing on stage with only one other person. E1 has expressed being nervous for months. We helped her work through it each time she brought up her concerns.

Tonight, you approached me and told me E1 had been apprehensive and you really hoped I would not be offended and you really hoped I would not mind, but you simply asked E1 if she believed in G-d and when she responded, "Yes ma'am" you said, "Then let's pray."

I asked E1 about your prayer. She reiterated to me that you asked her if she believed in G-d and when she told you yes ma'am you said, "Dear G-d. Please give me courage on the stage. Please give me strength to know I can do it. Please help me to remember to breathe. Amen."

E1 remembered every word of that prayer. E1 remembers your friendliness. E1 will forever remember that while she is one of two Jewish students in the entire first grade, praying to G-d is universal. Believing in something bigger than yourself is universal. Praying is something we all do.

I am not offended, not in the least. I am touched that when I could not help my daughter, you were there not only with a warm heart, but with a reminder of faith. We always tell E1 that G-d is everywhere and to believe in the power of prayer and tonight after that prayer she sang her little heart out and had a huge smile.

I know why you were hesitant in what you did. I saw the look of relief on your face when I said I did not mind. I get it. Public school. Separation of church and state. Perhaps there are people who would be offended. Maybe someone reading this right now is offended. I, for one, am appreciative of your kindness.

So to the mom that prayed with my daughter, THANK YOU.

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