Monday, May 16, 2016

Coffee Filter Flowers

There are so many activities you can do with coffee filters and today, while I sat on hold for a gazillion hours with the toll road authority (don't even ask) E2 needed something to do.

I put a coffee filter in a pan lined with foil, put out bowls and a cup filled with water and food coloring (a few drops), put a dropper per bowl, and voila - an art project is ready to go. E2 loves to use droppers which is great for fine motor skills. Plus E2 loves to watch colors mix and do any project that has a "cool factor." Painting without brushes is "cool" in E2's book.

She LOVED dropping colors on the coffee filters. E2 had a great time and really enjoyed making designs on her coffee filters. After they dried, we attached pipe cleaners and E2 had her very own bouquet of flowers.

Super easy. Not messy. Occupied E2 for awhile. Major win.

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