Monday, June 27, 2016

Pull-Ups and Good Nights

Potty training....I still rank this as one of the top 5 most annoying things.

E1 was potty trained at 25 months in one weekend.
E2 was potty trained at 34 months in one weekend.

Potty trained in this house is defined by daytime. The bladder can only accomplish so much and if you train a child before they are ready, well, it is not going to work. I do not "night train." I will not wake my child at a certain time to use the toilet, I will not put a potty in my child's room so they can pee alone at 2 am, I will not do anything but sleep at night and only wake up for a crying child that damn well better be sick. Holding your bladder all night happens when the body says it can do it. I believe this. I truly do.

Keeping all this mind, E1 was dry through the night by the time she was three. Her pull- ups were dry for a week straight and that was that.

Side note: I ONLY use pull-ups at night. I do not use them to potty train. I use them so if my child pees at night, I do not have to change sheets multiple times a night.

E2 is still in pull-ups at night. SIGH. I, personally, am OK with this. I don't have to change sheets from an accident and she sleeps soundly which means I sleep. The problem - E2 is not OK with this. She desperately wants to wear panties at night. She consistently asks to wear them. Daily. E2 gets the same response, "Keep your pull-up dry 7 times and you can wear panties."

There have been weeks when she makes three nights in a row, four nights, but then will wake up SOAKING wet. We start all over. E2 will stop asking for panties for a few weeks and then her pleading and begging starts again.

And then this week happened. She literally had seven pull-ups left. E2 noticed the small amount and with a huge smile asked, "Can I wear panties when I sleep when they are all gone?" I again reminded her to keep them all dry and yes, panties at night will happen.

Five nights and five glorious mornings of her SO excited to be dry, counting down of how many more sleeps she had left, the glorious pajamas and panties was coming and coming soon.

Last night, 3:45 in the morning, E2 started crying and all I can hear in the monitor is "Mommy, oh no, I am wet. My pull-up is wet." She was so sad. So sad, that I was sad. I changed her, told her it was OK, accidents happen, etc. E2 cried and went back to sleep.

She woke up sad. Defeated. We changed subjects had a great morning until we stopped at the grocery store. I bought more pull-ups. I had to put her in the last one last night after she was wet. There in the baby aisle of the grocery store, E2 cried and whimpered that she wants to wear panties and for me to please not buy the pull-ups.

I am crying on the inside debating whether or not changing sheets every 4 to 5 nights is that big of a deal when I decided yes, it is a big deal especially at 3:45 in the damn morning. So we compromised and I bought a small pack.

I know she is almost ready. I know she is just about there, but the look on her face in the grocery store is burned into my mind. It was like kicking an injured dog.

I am sad for her because it is a goal she has yet to accomplish.

It'll happen. I know she will be proud of herself when it does, but until that day I will remind her of how great she is and I will remember she will not go to college sleeping in pull-ups.

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