Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Water Gun Painting

It is summer time! We love summer and are always up to something. Today, we did water gun painting. The girls were squirting each other with the water guns and I asked E1 if she wanted to do something 'cool' and of course she said yes. E2 will agree to anything.

I added the entire jar of blue tempera paint (more powder = deeper hue) to our bucket of water and voila, paint! Both girls had so much fun spraying designs all over the driveway. The paint will eventually wash away and this activity kept their attention for almost an hour and it is over 100 degrees today.

Supplies: tempera paint - I order in bulk from amazon, a bucket filled with water- my bucket is from wal-mart, and water guns - mine are from the dollar store.

Added bonus: this activity definitely helps in the fine motor skills department!

Don't paint each other - I cannot guarantee the paint will come out of clothes.

**We might paint our fence as a follow up activity.

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