Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Whole Hand

Happy 5th Birthday!!!!

How did we get here? How are you five? A whole hand! My teeny, tiny, horrible, awful, make me want to stab my eye with a fork, newborn has become and continues to be an amazing, determined, generous, thoughtful, kind, happy girl.  You amaze me, daily.

You are the best teacher I have ever had.

You have taught me the true meaning of thoughtful.
Each night as we sit down to dinner, you get up and get your sister a glass of water first. When you finish your speech therapy or occupational therapy and you get a lollipop, you ask to get one for your sister. When I ask you what you want to watch on TV, if your sister is around you pick her favorite show. When a friend is hurt, you bring them a band-aid. When a friend is sick, you ask daily if they are feeling better. When we have a play-date, you tell me what games your guest will want to play. When Daddy is out of town, you ask how is he doing. When your cousins come to play, you remind me of their favorite restaurant. When you draw or create, it is always for someone else. You are always thinking of others. Even when it is your time to shine, you still think of others. You rejoice in other's triumphs. You cheer for everyone.

You have taught me the true meaning of determination.
Each day as you wake, you wake to a day of learning new tasks and you wake ready to go. You do not know the meaning of I cannot. You only know the meaning of I can try. As you continue to achieve new goals and soar to new heights, you continue to try. You are the hardest working child I know. Your determination has no time table. If you want it, you will do it. You did learn to ride a two wheel bike. You did learn to flip over the uneven bars in gymnastics. You did learn to skip. You did learn to catch a ball. You did learn how to play T-ball. You did learn how to play hop-scotch. You did learn to jump in the water. You did learn to climb the rock wall. You did learn to write all the letters of the alphabet. And now, on your 5th birthday, you are determined to read. You ask for work every day. You are determined to figure out beginning, middle, and final sounds. Just when I think we have hit a brick wall, your determination shines through and you do it. You always find a way.

You have taught me the true meaning of joy.
Not everyone in this world is happy. Not everyone can find their smile. But you- Your smile has never been lost. You are joyful. You are happy. You are radiant. From ear to ear, your smile takes over your whole face. You smile when we run errands, you smile when you play, you smile when you go to school, you smile when you sing songs on the radio, which by the way is the cutest thing ever. You smile when you you sleep, yes you really do. You smile when it rains, when it is sunny, whenever whatever the day brings, you smile. Your smile makes others smile.

You have taught me the true meaning of grateful.
You are thankful for everything. You tell Daddy and me thank you if you receive a present. You thank me for dinner, you thank me for doing your hair. You thank your therapists, your teachers, your friends. You are grateful for all this life has offered and continues to offer you. Their is emotion behind your "thank you." It is not just a word to avoid the parent stare. It is a true emotion in your huge heart. When you say thank you, you mean it. You understand it. Your thank you means the world to anyone that receives it.

Not a day goes by without someone commenting how beautiful you are, how cute you are, how gorgeous you are. What you need to know on this 5th birthday, is you are SO MUCH MORE. Your pretty face is no match for what you carry in your heart. You are beautiful on the inside and that is what fills me with immense pride. You will accomplish anything you want because even at the young age of five, you know you are in charge of your future. You know patience and time is all you need.

Behind the twinkle in your eye, the joy in your smile, and the love in your heart is the secret to a happy, successful life. Success is what you define it to be and my five year old daughter, you are the most successful little girl I know.

I love you more today than yesterday.

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to my rainbow obsessed daughter.

What a year it has been and what a year it will be!

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