Sunday, September 4, 2016

Just Wait

I have many things that annoy me (shocking), but people who add "just wait...." sentences into the conversations really get on my nerves. I have been guilty of this behavior, but I truly make a conscience effort not to do it. If I have done it to you, I am sorry. While I recognize people are trying to help, these sentences belittle the experience the other person is going through PLUS the other person never asked for the advice, story, experience etc that follows your "Just wait..."  Added bonus? Your "just wait" sentence makes you look like an ass who was not really listening and just wanted to hear themselves talk.


My newborn baby is so sweet.
Just wait until he/she stops sleeping. My kid blah blah blah

I feel like I have been driving all day.
Just wait til your kids are older like mine, I am never home, blah blah blah

My baby won't eat vegetables.
Just wait until they are toddlers and throw the food at you, blah blah blah

The mosquitoes are nuts this season. My kids are getting eaten alive in our backyard.
Just wait until you are outside for a sport like me, blah blah blah

The stress of school work starts so young. It is unfortunate.
Elementary is nothing Just wait, blah blah blah

My kid went for a bike ride and did not check in.
Just wait until they are older and you never know, blah blah, blah

Potty training is so hard.
Just wait until you have to blah blah blah

ALL THE TIME this happens! I hear my friends say it to other friends or to me. Hell, I have even heard it to random people in the grocery store. JUST STOP! The reason I have to type blah blah blah in all the responses....I stopped listening to you.

If someone asks you for advice, then give it. A conversation between friends is NOT an invitation for you to hijack said conversation with what you think is life altering advice. Having older kids or a different experience does not make you an expert.  Instead of "just wait," how about saying, "Girl, I feel you. I have been in my car all day too. Totally sucks. Want to meet for a cup of coffee between the carpool runs?"

It is so fucking annoying when people do this. I am not calling you to hear your advice. I called my friend to see how they were doing, check in, have someone to chit chat with, etc. If I want your "just wait" experience, I will ask "Does this get worse? Better? What did you do?"

Do you want to add to the conversation? Then try not starting your sentence with "just wait." When it is your turn to speak, tell your story. I want to hear about your day. I really do.

And if this has never happened to you.....JUST WAIT.

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