Thursday, June 15, 2017


E1 was BEGGING to make slime. According to her, it is the best thing. While purchasing our supplies for slime, I tried (to no avail) to explain to E1 that slime has been around for decades and I made slime as a kid.....according to the world of an 8 year old, this slime is different. Um, no it is not.

Slime Supplies:

Liquid Starch
Liquid Glue (Glitter glue is fun too)
Food coloring (optional)

Mix equal parts water and glue.
Add food coloring (the darker the hue, the more apt it is to stain hands)
Slowly add liquid starch while stirring. Eventually the slime will become thick enough to no longer need a spoon. Keep adding liquid starch until consistency is sticky/slimy, yet doesn't completely stay on hands.

The more you play with the slime, the less sticky it becomes.

(Store in Tupperware containers)

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