Tuesday, September 25, 2018


It’s the end of an era- the Pottery Barn Kids Kitchen era. 

A decade ago, Aunt J and Uncle S bought a then 4 month old Penelope an
amazing play kitchen. The mother of all kitchens. The kitchen that screamed,
“I’m going to be the most popular toddler.” Today, we made triplet four year
old girls smile and scream with joy because their mom was able to give them the
“Mother of all kitchens.”
The smiles on their faces reminded me why we loved this kitchen so. 

So goodbye, PBK kitchen (PBKK).
You’ve given Penelope and Pandora so much in the last ten years.

PBKK you helped both girls learn to stand with your sturdy sink and towel bar. 
PBKK you helped both girls learn what “bang” sounded like when they hit toys on your stainless steel sink. 
PBKK you taught my girls how to slam doors correctly because your refrigerator gave them great practice
for their bedroom doors. 
PBKK you scared the crap out of me many late nights when the timer went off to let me know your
oven was finished cooking. 
PBKK you were a great hiding place for baby dolls because all missing babies somehow ended up in
the cabinet under the sink. 
PBKK you taught red for hot and blue for cold with your awesome retro handles which then let my girls use
real sinks independently. 
PBKK you were the first piece of furniture to be adorned with stickers....and the only furniture to still have stickers. 
PBKK your refrigerator stored ice cream that helped the girls learn colors, cookies that helped them learn to count,
and fruit that helped them learn fractions. 
PBKK your oven stored all our pretend challahs and other Jewish symbolic foods and plates.
There wasn’t a holiday you didn’t help us celebrate. 
PBKK you were a safe place for the teacups and mismatched saucers the girls enjoyed using for countless
tea parties. 
PBKK you graciously held onto containers of toy food that if they were real, could have fed an army. 
PBKK you were the center of all picnics. 
PBKK you were the toy that was sought after and fought about most. 
PBKK, you sparked imaginative play, practical life, and sharing. 
PBKK, you were the first place Penelope and Pandora washed dishes and fed their babies. 
PBKK, you provided stability when they learned to walk and needed something to hold onto. 
PBKK you were the star of every play date.
PBKK, you were the cause of every mess. 
PBKK, and in your final days you became another place for the hoarding sister to store her crap. 

PBKK, I already miss you. And while the girls will just remember you as a kitchen,
I’ll remember all the memories you gave us and remember you were more than a kitchen,
you were part of a childhood. 

Thank you Aunt J and Uncle S. 
And thank you PBKK

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