Monday, December 31, 2018

Hello 2019!

New Year's Eve - a time to reflect on the past year and make meaningful changes to your life for the year ahead.
New Year's Eve - a time to drink, eat, and possibly say fuck a few too many times in front of your friends' children.

I plan to do both.

2018 was an eventful year. It started with Disney World, Kindergarten and Third grade were completed, amazing new friends were made, our company reached the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, we loved the Rodeo, E1 came into her own on the softball field, and E2 killed it in the pool. We celebrated friend's children's Bar-Mitzvahs, picked strawberries, celebrated Jewish holidays, the girls participated in their first ever running series, we cruised, we vacationed with friends, the girls and I road tripped, we spent time with family near and far, started first and fourth grade, and lived each day to the absolute fullest.  2018 was a great year.

Having a great year doesn't mean there weren't bad times.
There were many days I cried in my closet - it seems to be the only damn place my kids cannot find me. The girls' struggles on certain days were just too much, my husband was annoying, we had a health scare, and a childhood friendship was lost. I questioned my strength, my courage...
Through it all, I remembered and always remember - stay true to yourself, stay true to your values, family first, to hell with the rest of it.

My life isn't perfect.
Do I sometimes want to scream shut the fuck up to my kids? Every. Damn. Day.
Do I want to stop making lunches and cooking dinner and doing laundry? Hell yes.
Do I want to find a way to make my seven year old stop whining? For the love of G-d, yes.
Do I want to tell my ten year old to calm the fuck down? All the time.

My kids have issues. I have issues, My husband has issues. We all have issues. Our issues are not what defines our year.
I could get bogged down in the neurology bills, the therapy bills, the constant teacher contact, the ridiculous paperwork that comes with labels OR I can see the fantastic achievements of two strong, independent young ladies.
I can see my husband's inability to take out the fucking trash or clean his damn night stand, or better yet fix some shit in this house OR I can see a man that works his ass off every single day and sacrifices his time with his children so we can have an awesome life.
I can see myself as overbearing and controlling OR I can remember that I am loyal, sensitive, and probably the funniest fucking person on the planet. (My brother is a close second)

I choose to see the positive. It doesn't mean the negative didn't happen, it just means I choose not to dwell on it. I have to smile each day. I have to laugh. It is who I am at my core. I am a happy person. I must find the joy even if it comes from the smallest victory, like witnessing E1's organized backpack the one and only time it happened. (She seriously is a fucking hoarder)

2018 brought family together, friends together, small and big strides, laughs, smiles, and love. The mistakes that happened were just that- mistakes, and I will try to learn from them and not make the same mistake twice.

As I prepare to eat, drink, and shoot off HOA banned fireworks with some of the greatest people this evening, I will remember all that happened in 2018 and pray for the same in 2019-
Health, Happiness, and Love....

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THANK YOU for all your support.
Happy New Year